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About Pastel Networks Corporation

会社名        :  パステル・ネットワークス株式会社

代表者        :  岡本正毅 Masaki Okamoto

本社所在地:  〒106-0032
                      東京都港区六本木4-3-11 六本木ユニハウス223

本社連絡先:  03-6869-5882

URL            :

取引銀行    :   三菱東京UFJ銀行 秋葉原駅前支店
                        りそな銀行 秋葉原支店
                        三井住友銀行 亀有支店

Pastel Networks Corporation

Address: 〒106-0032
                 Room 223, Roppongi Unihouse
                 4-3-11, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Contact:  +81-3-6689-5882  

President and CEO   Masaki Okamoto

Founded   March 31 2006

Strength :  

Pastel Networks is established by the members who worked for foreign affiliated IT companies and have a lot of IT experience and management experience and have valuable business networks, to offer the various IT experiences and knowledge to the companies that start IT selling business and start selling IT products.

Boad members are expert in the engineering, sales, marketing in Japan IT market, and provide services for supporting to make sales strategy, to make actual channel network, to make actual selling business.

Business Support:

Pastel Networks can offer valuable services to Japanese SI partner and high end enterprise customer by robust pipeline and relationship with Japanese IT channel and distributors. All staff are professional of Japan IT solution business and can manage various key IT technology business especially for Network solution technology, Data Storage and Security Management, Virtualization software and others.

As further business fields, Pastel Networks provides high quality of services in Channel Business, High Touch enterprise, Channel Marketing, Product Marketing, Customer Support, Country Manager’s Assignments.

 For company thinking about market-in Japan market

We can support various initial tactics for market-in from ground zero. We can provide consulting service for launch solution into Japan market including latest Japan IT market analysis, business model proposal, GTM plan. Then, we can provide proposal for market, channel development by accurate latest marketing information and strong pipeline for channel and distributors.

In addition, we can provide service for translation/localization and implementing into test marketing and recrouting pilot customers.

 For the companies that already have Sales / Market channel

We can provide plan for restructuring present sales channel, by obtaining further Sales and Market channel, by providing accurate marketing analysis and information.

Pastel Networks collaborates with customers to support them to become high performance and high growth company by utilizing our high quality of various IT experiences.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a plan to get into the Japan market right now.


Origin of company name
Pastel Networks when the business is compared to the picture and the market is compared to the canvas, Pastel Networks adds coloring to the customer's business picture by providing valuable and high quality of business support services.
The Pastel color of support service is not too thick, meaning that Pastel Networks always considers customers as first priority and providing comprehensive and close service.

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